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  • Helping new entrapreneurs establish their business and move to the next level.
  • LEAP is a network designed to help entrepreneurs & new business develop teams.
  • LEAP is a social network for business-minded individuals who just don't have the time to network in other ways.
  • Everyone at LEAP has been through the Resulmakers business consulting program. Everyone here is committed to helping others through advice and even discounted services.
  • Access to LEAP, is reserved for Resultmakers clients. 

Creating sustainable collaborations between like-minded organizations and professionals allows for strength in numbers and cross-marketability.

Michigan has existing resources to satisfy multi-industry needs for itself and as a hub in the region, country, and world.

Key to the success of our cities is the success of our people. Opportunities for education, employment, and empowerment are available now.

LEAP is a part of it! 

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